Rick And Morty: 5 Funniest Running Gags, Ranked

Fourth Wall Jokes - Rick And Morty Shop

Rick and Morty has plenty of running gags, but which ones are the most amusing? Let’s take a look at the top ten thus far.

Rick and Morty features a variety of entertaining recurring jokes that have helped define it and give it a particular sense of character, despite all of its random, unpredictable components. The show’s identity has been established by famous portions such as “Pickle Rick” and Rick’s favorite Szechuan sauce.

Running jokes, like many comedies, can elicit laughter of recognition from the audience. Because of the skewed zaniness that characterizes many of these gags, they typically prove particularly humorous in Harmon and Roiland’s program. There’s enough to choose from with four seasons under our belts and loads of mind-bending moments – but which are the funniest?

Goofy Alien Names

Goofy Alien - Rick And Morty Shop

Given Rick and Morty’s complexity and mind-bending nature, having a more surface-level zany contrast to some gags might help a lot. This lighter hilarity is portrayed in a variety of ways, but one of the most amusing is the extraterrestrial names.

Some of the plainly silly, immature names, such as Mr. Poopybutthole, Squanchy, Scroopy Noopers, and Dr. Glip-Glop, make fans laugh out loud. R&M’s ability to elicit laughter from jokes on quantum physics as well as something as basic as humorous phrases is impressive.

Rick’s Garage Adventure Ramblings

Ricks Garage Adventure Ramblings - Rick And Morty Shop

When Rick goes on one of his adventure-related rants, it’s difficult not to laugh at his youthful, even manic giddiness. Rick goes on about “100 years of Rick and Morty escapades” and his ambition to attain McDonald’s prized Szechuan sauce during these garage rants, which usually occur at the beginning or close of a season.

Another scene from season three finds Morty engaging in the fun – until they realize Summer is mocking them in the background. Summer’s ridicule, although “ruining the season four premiere,” as Rick and Morty assert, adds a comic twist to the farce.

Fourth Wall Jokes

Fourth Wall Jokes - Rick And Morty Shop

It’s easy to go beyond with the self-aware comedy and self-parodying, but it works in a wacky sci-fi animation like this. There are plenty of fourth wall breaking and “meta” moments, which Harmon and Roiland appear to be aware of. During these fights, Rick and Morty frequently refer to their own show or the audience rather than each other or other characters.

The use of “improvisational tones,” in-jokes regarding writer clashes, and even something as basic as waving farewell to the audience are all examples. Ironically, these jokes about the program add another more layer to the show’s limitless, hallucinogenic nature.

Rick’s Wacky Catchphrase

Ricks Wacky Catchphrase - Rick And Morty Shop

Yes, Rick appears to have a lot of catchphrases, but for the sake of brevity, we’ll focus on his most well-known: “wubba lubba dub-dub.” What appeared to be a wacky one-off quickly turned out to be something deeper and more profound. Morty learns that in Birdperson’s language, it means “I’m in a lot of pain, please assist me.” The narrative intensifies when Morty reveals that he’s using it humorously…

In any case, it’s difficult not to chuckle a little when the brilliant scientist resorts to mindless hand waving and weird, (apparently) incomprehensible sentences.

Rick’s Sporadic Belching

Ricks Sporadic Belching - Rick And Morty Shop

Funny jokes can range from intellectual to flat-out silly or immature, as R&M demonstrates. This running gag falls into the latter category, but it doesn’t make it any less amusing. Rick’s intoxicated ways are frequently recalled to viewers throughout each episode, in the form of quick, unexpected belches that interrupt his discourse.